Research for Commercial

I looked at various forms and styles of product photography to distinguish what product I would like to photograph. I also researched at what I would like my subject matter to be. Subject matter is incredibly important when it comes to shooting products, because it sets the scene and gives the consumer the need to buy the product. Well, at least that’s what it should do. Especially when talking about advertising.


Here, a popular product is photographed at an incredibly high shutter speed as it is dropped into a pool of coka cola. This technique is used to entice the customers sugar addiction and make them think that they are thirsty. The condensation on the can gives the effect of an ice cold beverage, making the product look refreshing. The splashes of liquid, a creative form of advertising, makes the consumer believe that they are thirsty. However, for me, the frame has been cropped and it would look much better with more dead space on the left hand side of the frame.


This is quite interesting to me because I feel that this form of photography doesn’t really do its job as an enticement to the consumer. This photograph is done with a very shallow depth of field and has its focusing point on a few of the coloured M&M’s. I understand what this photographer was trying to do in terms of technical skill, but I don’t feel that this works as a product shot. Sure, it is a photograph of a product and it is an alright photograph. However, my main concern is the fact that the logo and packaging is out of focus. I also understand that this is a worldwide known product, but it doesn’t really do anything to advertise the product. It’s just a mediocre photograph.


For me, this is a nice photograph. The lighting is absolutely beautiful and definitely makes the product enticing to consumers. This is a photograph of an alcoholic beverage. The glass has been specifically selected due to its slender shape. The beverage is a malt whiskey, which is typically a mans drink. The glass’ slender shape resembles the shape of a womans body, giving it that little bit extra. The light brown background kisses the brown of the whiskey. For me, this is a beautiful product shot. It would be great as part of a collection.


This scenic photograph is also rather beautiful. What makes this photograph different than all of the others is the scene that has been set up in the studio. The use of props makes the product stand out. The wine placed in front of a barrel, the grapes, the glass and the colour of red really brings out the beauty in this shot. This is used to give the consumer a real sense of knowing where their wine comes from, which makes it all the more appealing and sellable.


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