Art or Product?

For my commercial brief, I have been given the choice of either product photography or art photography. I was struggling at first on what path to choose, as both have plenty of pro’s and cons.


This is a small list I wrote to help me come to an agreement on which path to choose. Most of my pro’s swayed towards the product photography side. The biggest pro being that it is much more likely that as a photographer, I will be paid for taking product shots, rather than selling my work in an art gallery. I put down as a con, creatively restricting. Although this is true, it could also be seen as an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Product photography is extremely difficult as you will most likely be given a brief to work with. This means the client asks for what they want, and you give it to them. This can make it very creatively restricting. However, there is a lot more to learn when you have to solve a problem that is restrictive. Which means I could take what I learned from this shoot into the professional world and know what to expect.


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