Editorial Brief

Photo Journalism is an important role in terms of photographic media. World media outlets, whether it be news papers, magazine articles, blog posts or even live broadcasts all rely on photo journalists. Being one of the most important job roles in media, it is also by far, the most dangerous. Photo journalists often have to travel the world, but it isn’t as glamerous as you may think. More often that not, photographers working for the media have to travel to third world countries and warzones in order to document the happenings there. And sometimes, they get caught up in the crossfire and losing their lives.

However, our brief thankfully isn’t to travel to a warzone, or at least not a dangerous one. Our brief has given us one option out of six, to document a selection of different things that corrispond with a specific article. The article I have chosen is titled: “Has Britain Stolen it’s Children.”

I aim to come up with a small selection of ideas, so that I may develop them further until I can chose one that I feel is more fitting. I look forward to this assignment.


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