Brain Storming


I drew up a few ideas today in class, thinking about what it is I could do for this project. There are currently anti-austerity protests going on around the country which could be really interesting to shoot, but it would require a lot of traveling and due to work commitments and personal commitments I don’t think that this would be feasable.

Our education system has been blamed for the failures of children for as long as I can remember, and though I agree that we haven’t got a great education system, I feel the problems lie elsewhere. However, this could also make an interesting subject to shoot. I could shoot portraits of children in their school uniforms.

Poverty has always and always will be an issue in todays society, and it is in fact a direct cause of lack of consentration in schools, it’s linked to bullying etc. So I feel that this could be a great project to start and it also directly links to my next idea.

Since the 2010 election, the use of food banks is at an all time high. Children feeling embarrased and being bullied because they get their food donated can link to all sorts of problems in the future. Such as crime, drug abuse and depression.

Mental health will forever be a plague to many people. In fact one in four people are affected by a mental health problem. That’s a quater of the worlds population, making it close to two billion people. However, mental health isn’t taken as seriously as physical problems such as cancer or HIV, but mental health problems also kill.More people under the age of 25 commit suicide every year.

Addiction is something that I can personally relate to. I have been addicted to video games, more specifically World of Warcraft for as long as I can remember. And just like any other addiction, it can destroy your life. So I think a personal expolration would be quite a good idea.


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