Narrowing Down

So, it’s time to narrow down my idea’s. After I eliminated most of my idea’s for content, I narrowed my choices down to wine, chocolate, food, chocolate and produce. After looking hard at other photographs and weighing up what it is I would like to do, eventually I came to a conclusion.

I found that wine is quite generic and a bit of a cliche. However, it also has the potential to be absolutely beautiful by filling the frame with props to bring our vibrant colours. Chocolate was also another interesting idea. I could have used melted chocolate to bring the chocolate bar down to it’s original form and doing something with that. Food photography is also something I could do, taking photographs of plates of beautifully made food. And of course produce. Vibrant fruits and vegetables to create a bright and beautiful series of photographs.

All of these idea’s have their pro’s and cons, but none of them really stood out to me. I do like the idea of wine more than most of them, creating a beautiful scene with a beautiful bottle that is lit to bring out the shape. It just doesn’t feel right. So I did some more thinking and decided to shoot a bottle of whiskey. I got the idea after looking at this photograph:


I love the shape of the glass, the colour of the whiskey, the reflections off the glass and the ice. I also love the warmness to the background. It just gives the warm feeling a glass of whiskey gives and that is something I can really admire. So I have chose to shoot a bottle of Gentleman Jack, a slightly more expensive Jack Daniels. I got the bottle as a gift for my birthday a few months ago.


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