Research – Gentleman Jack

After I narrowed down my idea’s, I decided I didn’t really want to do any of them so, after thinking about it, I chose to shoot a bottle of Gentleman Jack Whiskey. I’ve looked at a few photographs of this particular product to try and get a feel for what I wanted to with the product. I know that I want to use a studio setting, but I wasn’t sure on what lighting or even scenery I wanted to use. Did I want to use a soft lighting? Did I want to use an acrylic board for a reflection? Did I want to use a glass? I had no idea. So I began to research existing photographs and came to a conclusion.

jack daniels gentleman jack

The first of these photographs is rather simple. Simple back lighting and a front flash to light the bottle evenly. As much as it is a very good photograph, it’s a bit simple. It would be a perfect photograph for maybe a small magazine or a leaflet for a supermarket, but it isn’t really what I’m looking for. It’s just too minimalist. It’s also whiskey! It’s supposed to be warm, but a white background sadly doesn’t do that.


This next photograph is a little better, but it’s still holding the same issues as the previous photograph. Granted, the background is a little better and the lighting is slightly better. However, it still doesn’t do this product any justice. Again, I feel that this is to minimalist. It needs more.


I quite like this one. Shot outside on what seems to be a car park. I know this because I can make out an out of focus can on the right hand side of the frame. I imagine those lights in the background are also the lights of a pub. I do like this though. It has quite a warm hue to it. I also love the concept of shooting it outside. Using the lights of street lamps and a flash gun, it’s created a beautiful frame of light around the broad shape of the bottle. I think I would like a similar effect.


I quite like the scene in this one, although the use of a wine glass instead of a whiskey glass is just ridiculous. I love the scene, but for me the light is off a little. I can see what the photographer was trying to accomplish with this lighting, but I don’t think it works with this particular whiskey. The whiskey is extremely light coloured, but the barrel and flooring is extremely dark wood. Mixed with the underexposure, it just doesn’t go. The contrast between the light of the whiskey and the dark of the barrel is off. It just doesn’t make it aesthetically pleasing. I do like the use of the glass though, it would be better with an actual whiskey glass though.

Overall, looking at these images I have an idea. Though I’m not entirely sure how feasible it is yet.


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