Final Idea

My final idea is to bring the studio outdoors. I loved the image of the whiskey bottle outside on the ground. I loved the lighting and I loved the idea. However, I wish to improve on this. Whiskey is a warm drink. It’s coming up to Autumn and the weather will soon change. Leaves are already starting to fall from the trees and it’s mid-October. Whiskey is definitely a winter drink, especially if you want a drink that will warm your insides. I want to make warmth a theme in my photographs. Bring the winter into the images and light the whiskey using studio lights. However, I also want to incorporate something else.


This image is the one I’m basing my idea off. I love the lighting and the vibrancy of the bottle. However, I don’t like the shallow depth of field or the composition. The composition is great, don’t get me wrong, but I want to see more of the background. So this is what I aim to do.

My Aim: To create a small portfolio of images of a bottle of Gentleman Jack whiskey in a location shoot. I will use studio lighting to light the bottle and include a starscape in the background.

My Objectives: I will book out a full frame camera and two Bowens lights with honeycombs. I will then go to a location that is free from light pollution to shoot my images.


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