The Shoot

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I went out at around 7pm armed with a Canon 5d mkiii, two Bowens lights, a tripod and a pair of honeycombs. This has to be one of my most challenging shoots to date. I needed somewhere that isn’t burdened by light pollution so that I could shoot starscape in the cold night. I wanted to do this to give my whiskey a warm and cold feeling. The warmth of the whiskey and the cold blue of the night sky. So, I went to Pendle Hill at the foot of the Ribble Valley. After I parked up, I had the difficult challenge of getting the equipment up the hill. Bare in mind it had been raining continuously for days, so it was extremely slippery. After I got to the top of the hill, I set up the lights and hooked them up to the battery. After doing so, I realised that the battery only operates the flash and not the bulb. So I was shooting in total darkness.

After I set up the camera, I set up the whiskey on a rock, with the lights of the town behind it, just for some extra lighting. It took a while of experimenting with different settings and trying to keep the camera from falling over in the wind, challenging as it was, it was rather successful. I feel that I got what I needed. All that is left to do now is the editing of the final six images that I have selected.


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