Influences: Stanley Kubrick

I grew up watching Stanley Kubrick films and they blew my mind aesthetically. Kubrick, an auteur in cult cinema created these incredible and beautiful shots that are perfect in composition. One point perspective in drawing, cinematography and photography is when it has one vanishing point on the horizontal line. Kubrick typically uses corridors and small rooms with doors at the end. He uses these scenes because of the parallel lines of the walls, are directly within the viewers eye line or directly perpendicular. The parallel lines then congregate at the vanishing point of the frame. For me, this is absolutely beautiful aesthetically. Kubrick used this shot regularly in his films, making him an auteur in his field. His cinematography is not only influential to me as a photographer, but also to me as a critic. Kubrick’s one point perspective shot taught me the importance of composition and I take this lesson into consideration every time I press the shutter.

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective from kogonada on Vimeo.


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