What Made Me A Photographer?

I am a photographer, not because I have a camera, or even because I take photographs. I am a photographer because I can see the beauty in composition, lighting and the world. Everything that exists is made to be captured in a moment, whether it’s the moment another person is born, or the moment an object is destroyed. Time changes everything and it’s important to capture these moments, because moments last less than seconds, but photographs last forever.

When I was one years old, I burned my hand on the glass front of a coal fire. I suffered third degree burns on both hands, however, my left hand was completely burned, from palm to fingers. Since then, I have had three operations which includes skin grafts and restructure. Unfortunately, nothing can be done. I will never have full function of my left hand. I was always told about the things I will never be able to do. Play guitar, play video games or sports because my left hand would be rendered useless due to me not being able to open my hand all the way. This made me want to do those things, so in high school, I joined the basketball team and scored three game winning baskets. I taught myself how to play guitar, granted, my hand limits me to the chords I can play, but I still play guitar every day. When I want to wind down, I play video games, sometimes for hours on end. This single event sent a ripple down my life as all my creative decisions outside and inside of university were because of someone telling me what I can’t do, and because of this, I like to work with my hands.

I would hate people telling me what I couldn’t do, but I equally hated people telling me what I could do. And as an angry kid, it would be my biggest asset and my biggest flaw. I would often get myself into trouble at school for speaking up and disrespecting other people. I was, and still am very opinionated but I always expressed those opinions in a hostile manor. This would eventually get me kicked out of high school with no qualifications. I knew I could easily retake them at college, but I was sick of formal education. So, instead, I did a year doing mechanics, because I thought that would be easy and I could make a career out of it. However, it didn’t fulfil my needs creatively and I soon learned the difference, between a career and a job. This was a huge point in my life as I realised I wanted to create. I went from radio, to film making, creative writing and eventually photography.


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