Research: Walter Schels

As I began to research for my Final Major Project, I came across a photographer named Walter Schels. He was born in 1936 in Landshut. From 1957 to 1965 he worked as a window dresser in Barcelona, Canada and Geneva. He then went as a freelance photographer in New York, before returning in 1970 to Germany and Munich opened his own studio. He worked in the field of advertising, editorial photography and own independent projects. From 1975 Schels photographed over many years for the magazine “Parents” reports on births. Since he portrayed the moments old child, him employment with faces of people and animals has not let go: “For the first time I saw the face of a newborn human, but not an ahistorical essence looked at me there, but a face with the past. knowing very old.” As a passionate explorer of the human physiognomy it comes Schels about making essence and personality of a subject in the photograph visible. He became known for character studies of artists and politicians, celebrities of cultural and intellectual world. With the same intensity he portrays animals for many years. In photographic series and long-term projects as on the blind, people with disabilities or preterm children, Schels dedicated to the monitoring of extreme situations of human existence. For his series, the hospice patient for a short time before and immediately after her death shows that he received numerous awards, among others the “Hansel Mieth Prize“, a gold medal from the Art Directors Club Germany, a “Lead Award” of the Academy of new imagery and a “World Press Photo” Award. Walter Schels has lived and worked since 1990 in Hamburg. He is a member of the Free Academy of Arts Hamburg and honorary member of the BFF (Association of Freelance Photo Designer). His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.



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