FMP Revisited

In fear of my FMP proposal being unfeasible, I sought inspiration elsewhere. After searching for hours on end, I was feeling fatigued and uninspired. However, inspiration can sort of creep up on you. I was flicking through a photography magazine and came across an art piece. The piece was a painting of a stag. Well, at least the shape of a stag. The content was a graphic representation of deforestation, animal cruelty, global warming and anything else that represents the destruction humanity have caused to the planet. This gave me ideas and inspired me to develop them. Usually I would break down my idea’s and write about them individually and expand on them at a later time. However, I was quite excited to start so I pretty much jumped in head first and worked.

So, my FMP is now a contravercial fine art piece. The photographs them selves aren’t contravercial, they’re just based on contravercial topics. Such as war, xenophobia, racism, etc. My aim is to really improve my photoshop skills and create something a little extraordinary.

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