Ideas and Research

I want to create something out of different sources, for example using textures to retexture certain things to give a different perspective or meaning. I think it’s important to utilise the technology available, bringing in new media and creating something new is what art is about. And in my honest opinion, photography is art. There is much more to photography than just pressing a button, granted photography is a skill that can be developed by anyone, where as something like painting requires other traits like precision and steadiness of the hand. They are two very different types of art, that require different skills, but one is not easier or lesser than the other in terms of art. Photography requires a burning passion that needs to be fulfilled. However, I want to bring the two disciplines closer than ever.

Digital art is growing, and it will continue to grow as technology does. Digital art, as well as photography is something very much of an evolution. As technology develops and improves, art moves with it and evolves with it. 100 years ago, we had black and white film and hardly anyone taking photographs. From there, it evolved to colour film, then to polaroid, then to digital and now, everyone carries a camera around on them, on their phones. We are evolving faster than ever, but through consumerism, not through physical defects.


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