Gaming Addiction

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Gaming is something I grew up with, from my first ever console which was a Sega Megadrive, up to my expensive gaming PC. I have been a gamer, pretty much my whole life. There is an overwhelming need to for me to be challenged on a regular basis and I have never found anything that challenges me more than gaming. This need to be challenged and the need to be rewarded has lead me to a dangerous gaming adiction. I would usually spend 12-14 hours a day playing computer games, the game that takes most of my time is Fantasy MMORPG World of Warcraft. The game offers me what I need.

Gaming addiction is very real and it is as dangerous and as toxic as an alcohol or drug addiction. Many people who play games for long periods of time develop a deep vein thrombosis and some even lose limbs or rarely, their lives. However, it can also be very rewarding in life. Many people also meet their life partners in games.

This being said, I feel that gaming took away my youth and I wish to do my project on this very topic.



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