Influential Practice.

Amongst all of my influences, my biggest is Sebastiao Salgado. The contrast in his black and white images, defining shadows and higlights, in portraiture, landscapes and still life. His images are legendary in the world of photography. I’m also inspired by the works of Martin Parr, the daring use of new technology, the aged photographs of passers by, a collection of stories told in chaos. Both of these photographers are masters of the industry, the foundation of which enviromental and stret photography stand on.

In this assignment, we are to take the skills a photographer that isnpires us uses, and impliment them into our own work to produce up to ten images. Unfortunately for me, my list of influences is quite large and it’s quite hard for me to make up my mind. Should I do a series of self portraits in a quirky, fine-art style like Sam Taylor-Wood? Or perhaps a series of portraits using light as my pencil, to create works of art like Man Rey?

I have quite a lot of ideas, but the two main photographers that stand out to me is Sebastiao Salgado and Martin Parr, so with that said, I have decided to put both high contrast black and white and street photography together to forge their skills and create something different. I have a lot of research based around these two photographers, so the next step is to make a start.

I want my images to vary in composition and the way they look in terms of depth of field, so I will book out an 85mm and a 200mm lens. This gives a little bit of diversity in the aesthetics of my images.


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