A Small Lack of Confidence

For some reason, I always thought street photography was a special kind of photography, a more relaxed, less demanding type of photography. However, actually going out and doing it was completely different to what I imagined. People notice and they don’t like it. It doesn’t really matter about laws, I know the law states that if I am in a public place, I can take images of whatever and whoever I like. The problem is the guilt, people give me dirty looks when I take images of them and one woman actually confronted me and forced me to delete the photographs of her, while her boyfriend stood over me. I formatted the card to resolve the issue, then went home.

This had me thinking, people know what a camera is, they know that photographs can make their way around the internet and people hate having their photographs taken. During Martin Parr’s prime, there was no internet, there was no facebook and the technology was new, so people were less aware. I may have to go incognito for this project, until I build up my confidence a little bit. There seems to be a stigma against photographers, people are wary are uncomfortable. So, the best way is to make them unaware. If that doesn’t work, it seems I may have to look for a different project, I like a challenge though.


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