War on Hunger

This is by far the best work I have done. I worked incredibly hard and analy trying to get it just right. I started in the studio and photographed over 100 photographs of my deactivated grenade shell and an apple core. I used different lighting techniques and tried to learn from my past mistakes by shooting the object neutral. I also borrowed a peer and photographed his hands with the apple core resting inside them.

These were the two images I used to create my final piece. I started by cutting out the grenade and making three different layers with the image of the grenade in. I then created layermasks after placing them over the applecore. After transforming the first layer and placing it over the applecore, I used the liquify tool to make it mould to the shape. I then did the same thing with the other two layers. Eventually after hours of work and shifting things I finally got an image I was happy with. I then merged the layers together and began on changing the tones/contrast etc. I added a light in the bottom right corner of the frame and added some more shadows before dodging and burning the hands to make them look dirty. Eventually I eneded up with this.

War on Hunger


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