A Syrian’s Story

I started a small project about where I grew up, I started taking photographs of the people in my town. I created a small series of contrasty, black and white images. During my time doing this, a man playing a cordian asked me to take his picture. So I did. After a while I got talking to him and apparently he was one of the few refugees that was allowed to come into the UK. He told me about his home being bombed and his neighbors being killed by rebels and terrorists. He also told me about the response he got from the UK and from France where he was before migrating here with his family. He would be beaten, called a terrorist and he was treated like dirt.

His story struck a nerve with me, I am someone who rarely takes notice of the world around me, often because it’s too painful to whitness. However, this mans story changed my views completely. I took his portrait and I feel that it doesn’t need anything doing to it. He and his family are fine, just the way they are.


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