I understand that my FMP isn’t the best, but I have unfortunately been battling my own demons. However, I have fallen completely in love with photography again and it’s thanks to this project. I created a piece of work that really matters to me. And that for me is what saved me. Next year I have a new attitude and a new found passion. And I can’t wait to start.


A Syrian’s Story

I started a small project about where I grew up, I started taking photographs of the people in my town. I created a small series of contrasty, black and white images. During my time doing this, a man playing a cordian asked me to take his picture. So I did. After a while I got talking to him and apparently he was one of the few refugees that was allowed to come into the UK. He told me about his home being bombed and his neighbors being killed by rebels and terrorists. He also told me about the response he got from the UK and from France where he was before migrating here with his family. He would be beaten, called a terrorist and he was treated like dirt.

His story struck a nerve with me, I am someone who rarely takes notice of the world around me, often because it’s too painful to whitness. However, this mans story changed my views completely. I took his portrait and I feel that it doesn’t need anything doing to it. He and his family are fine, just the way they are.


War on Hunger

This is by far the best work I have done. I worked incredibly hard and analy trying to get it just right. I started in the studio and photographed over 100 photographs of my deactivated grenade shell and an apple core. I used different lighting techniques and tried to learn from my past mistakes by shooting the object neutral. I also borrowed a peer and photographed his hands with the apple core resting inside them.

These were the two images I used to create my final piece. I started by cutting out the grenade and making three different layers with the image of the grenade in. I then created layermasks after placing them over the applecore. After transforming the first layer and placing it over the applecore, I used the liquify tool to make it mould to the shape. I then did the same thing with the other two layers. Eventually after hours of work and shifting things I finally got an image I was happy with. I then merged the layers together and began on changing the tones/contrast etc. I added a light in the bottom right corner of the frame and added some more shadows before dodging and burning the hands to make them look dirty. Eventually I eneded up with this.

War on Hunger

Cracking Portrait


I decided to make disabilities as one of my subjects and this is my younger brother Paul. He’s 15 years old and has Aspergers syndrome. He’s a good kid, he’s smart and has a bright future ahead of him. However, it is always overshadowed by his mental health as he has trouble communicating how he feels. So the idea to make his face cracked to signify his struggle came about.


I began by putting the texture over his face and changing the opacity levels to a level I could work with comfortably. I then cropped the texture and placed it over his face. Using the liquify tool, and manually melting the texture, it eventually molded around his face. I then changed the colour to match his skin tone and lifted the levels to get my final image.


Having A Go

The first thing I want to try is texturing, looking at some of the tutorials in my previous post I have had an idea to use a texture of some leaves or moss and try to texture it around the arm of a class mate, a photograph I took earlier in the week.

I’m not particularly pleased with the outcome, but it was an attempt and I’m learning. I had to cut the arm out of the background which was hard due to the background being dark, the lighting was very average for this shoot. After cutting out the image I created a layer mask and changed it black and white. After doing so, it was easier to apply the textures to the layer mask. The right technical skills were there, I just need to practice.