Final Images

These are the final images for Individual Study.

In conclution to this project, I’ve learned quite a bit. I learned that people generally don’t like to have their photo taken, which is pretty sad, because if things carry on the way they are, with social media shaming etc, there won’t be anymore street photography. The world is full of lawsuits and tiny minds. I’ve also learned to respect my code of ethics, no matter how heated a situation gets, always follow someones wish and delete a photograph, no matter how beautiful it may be. I learned a lot about myself as a photographer too. My confidence was torn down by one person, but I managed to build it back up in a matter of days, just because I didn’t give up.


Day Three

Using the 200mm is a great success, my confidence is rising, hopefully I will be able to use a wider angle lens at some point in the future. This project has given me a great idea for my Dissertation next year.

A Small Lack of Confidence

For some reason, I always thought street photography was a special kind of photography, a more relaxed, less demanding type of photography. However, actually going out and doing it was completely different to what I imagined. People notice and they don’t like it. It doesn’t really matter about laws, I know the law states that if I am in a public place, I can take images of whatever and whoever I like. The problem is the guilt, people give me dirty looks when I take images of them and one woman actually confronted me and forced me to delete the photographs of her, while her boyfriend stood over me. I formatted the card to resolve the issue, then went home.

This had me thinking, people know what a camera is, they know that photographs can make their way around the internet and people hate having their photographs taken. During Martin Parr’s prime, there was no internet, there was no facebook and the technology was new, so people were less aware. I may have to go incognito for this project, until I build up my confidence a little bit. There seems to be a stigma against photographers, people are wary are uncomfortable. So, the best way is to make them unaware. If that doesn’t work, it seems I may have to look for a different project, I like a challenge though.

Influential Practice.

Amongst all of my influences, my biggest is Sebastiao Salgado. The contrast in his black and white images, defining shadows and higlights, in portraiture, landscapes and still life. His images are legendary in the world of photography. I’m also inspired by the works of Martin Parr, the daring use of new technology, the aged photographs of passers by, a collection of stories told in chaos. Both of these photographers are masters of the industry, the foundation of which enviromental and stret photography stand on.

In this assignment, we are to take the skills a photographer that isnpires us uses, and impliment them into our own work to produce up to ten images. Unfortunately for me, my list of influences is quite large and it’s quite hard for me to make up my mind. Should I do a series of self portraits in a quirky, fine-art style like Sam Taylor-Wood? Or perhaps a series of portraits using light as my pencil, to create works of art like Man Rey?

I have quite a lot of ideas, but the two main photographers that stand out to me is Sebastiao Salgado and Martin Parr, so with that said, I have decided to put both high contrast black and white and street photography together to forge their skills and create something different. I have a lot of research based around these two photographers, so the next step is to make a start.

I want my images to vary in composition and the way they look in terms of depth of field, so I will book out an 85mm and a 200mm lens. This gives a little bit of diversity in the aesthetics of my images.

Influences: Martin Parr


Martin Parr took a technology that was seen as a waste of time by critics, and jumped into it with a deep passion for trying something different. As a renowned street photographer, he wasn’t afraid of what anybody else thought and used the technology that was available and new. I think that is something that everyone should take a lesson from. Technology is always moving forward and even if it may seem untraditional or a waste, there is no harm in trying as you may create something beautiful. As did Martin Parr.

Influences: Man Ray

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Since I started doing still image as opposed to moving image, I have been extremely interested in studio portraiture. My biggest inspiration for this genre of work is Man Ray. His lighting skills are second to none. As a modernist photographer, he liked to use light to distort his images. Pre-modern portraits were typically painted to make the subject look powerful. However, Man Ray uses his camera to shoot them looking vulnerable. He wasn’t afraid to show the world something different, which is something I will carry with me throughout my professional career. A journalist once asked Man Ray how he lit his subjects, and he replied with ‘I can’t remember.’ As foolish as this is, it’s also brilliant as it teaches you to experiment. It also makes his photographs unique.