Short Evaluation

Through my work based learning I have developed quite a few new skills. I worked in a professional studio with a professional photographer, learning how to shoot products for a magazine. I also learned valuable skills in terms of shooting on location and for events. Working with the farm really helped me with skills in terms of narative, telling a story through a series of images can be really important. Through the whole process I have learned a lot. I clocked just over 120 hours of work time, which included editing, shooting and assisting shoots. I want to personally thank the guys at the sanctuary and Sean at Pro-Photo.



Today I started asking around and I managed to get some unpaid work with a company called pro-photo. The company works very closely with small businesses and is the official photography company for the Northwest Chamber of Commerse. So I imagine I will be getting plenty of work with this company as they always seem to be pretty busy.

Work Based Learning

Today we found that we had to work in the industry for a set amount of aproximately 120 hours. I’m kind of worried because I have no idea where to start, I’m not sure if weddings count or if previous work counts, it wasn’t really made clear as we went over it very briefly. However, we are going into more detail later on in the week, so I’m sure I will find out then. Either way, I’m quite looking forward to actually getting some work experience.

Hollin Hill Farm

I recently contacted a local animal sanctuary who are just starting out. They told me they would be extremely happy, they invited me to a meeting in a couple of weeks where we will discuss what they do there and what they would like me to do. This is something I’m really excited about as I have a deep love for animals and feel very personally about their welfare.

EDIT: After going to the meeting I found that they are in very early days. They would like me to document the process of them building the sanctuary as well as some labour work to help develp the sanctuary. They only have a few animals so far, but they are expanding very soon with some hedghogs and some new lambs.